10+ Best Christmas Cookies to Give as Gifts

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Wondering what to give your friends and family for Christmas?

These best Christmas cookies to give as gifts range from gingerbread to adorable present pretzels, and they’re all easily packaged up and given as gifts to the loved ones in your life.

Giving cookies as gifts seems old-fashioned, but in today’s materialistic society, sometimes a nice, homemade box of cookies means far more than anything you could buy.

Enjoy these ideas, and happy baking (and giving!)

1. Delicious Orange and Cranberry Cookies

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A delicious cookie with a natural hint of orange, cranberries and walnuts.

It’s the perfect homemade gift for a dear friend.

2. Traditional Gingerbread Men

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These traditional gingerbread men cookies are the perfect festive Christmas food.

They are full of warming ginger flavor and make fantastic make ahead Christmas gifts.

3. Easy Christmas Pretzels

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These cute Christmas Pretzels are a fun, easy snack and dessert to make with the kids.

Let them practice their fine motor skills with piping to make these little present shaped holiday pretzels shaped like gift boxes.

These pretzels are perfect for parties, Christmas goodie bags, and snacking with the family.

4. Traditional Cherry Balls

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A no bake favorite, these cherry balls are easy enough to make with kids but decadent enough adults will love them.

They freeze well so you can make them in advance and put them in tins just in time for the holidays.

5. Christmas Pinwheels

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These fun, festive Christmas pinwheel cookies are perfect for the holidays.

Layers of swirled sugar cookie dough are rolled in sprinkles before baking for the ultimate sweet treat!

6. German Christmas Cookies

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German Christmas Cookies: Lebkuchen.

Authentic recipe of the most popular German cookies: spicy, soft and incredibly flavorful.

Give them as gifts to your family and friends!

7. Christmas Cookie Gift Box

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A Christmas Cookie Gift Box containing a selection of homemade meringue cookies and vanilla, chocolate and gingerbread biscuits.

The perfect heartfelt Christmas gift!

8. Keto Gingerbread Cookies

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These crispy keto gingerbread cookies make the perfect holiday present.

It’s a recipe that makes a flavorful cookie dough that can be rolled, shaped, and decorated with icing.

9. Gingerbread Holly Cookies

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These Gingerbread Holly Cookies are so easy to make and are loaded with tasty ginger.

10. Gingerbread Whoopie Pies

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Add these soft, cake-like, sweet yet spicy, gingerbread whoopie pies as a sandwich-like cookie with decadent cream cheese filling to your holiday baking list this year!

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