After a lifetime of being scared of the kitchen and all things cooking, I (hi, I’m Kalyn!) started No-Fuss Kitchen as a way to try to learn the basics and share easy and quick recipes that don’t require extensive cooking knowledge or take forever.

From overnight oats (seriously it doesn’t get much easier, all you have to do is mix…) to cool kitchen hacks and basic tips like how to cook bacon in the oven (I told you I’m lazy), you’ll find a treasure trove of meal options and kitchen help here.

You don’t need to be completely confident in your skills – you just need to be willing to learn, and each recipe is broken down into easy steps with photos throughout the process so you can make sure you’re following along without too much stress.

Some people say, “cooking should be fun,” and for many it is, but if that isn’t you and you still need to feed yourself and your family without running to the fast food restaurant every night, this site is for you!

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