Can You Use Wax Paper in the Oven? (read this before doing it!)

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Whether you’re wondering if you can bake cookies on wax paper or want to know if you can use wax paper to line your pie tin, “can you bake wax paper” is a very good thing to look up.

And we’re glad you’re here, because we’re about to save you from disaster.

A lot of people aren’t familiar with the difference between wax paper and parchment paper or baking paper and think it’s roughly the same thing, but they’re not.

You cannot bake with wax paper, because the wax may melt, smoke, or start a fire.

Yes, seriously.

can you bake cookies on wax paper
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Do not bake with wax paper, and keep reading for alternatives and to hear why.

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What is Wax Paper?

Wax paper is a paper used in many kitchens around the world, coated in either paraffin or a soybean coating.

It feels slick in your fingers, and is often used for storage or wrapping things because it won’t stick to things.

can you bake cookies on wax paper
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Baking and Cooking with Wax Paper

While wax paper can actually be used in some baking processes (we’ll get into that in a second), it cannot be put into an oven or microwave.

You cannot heat up wax paper, and should not actually bake it.

There is only one instance when some bakers might use wax paper in their baking, and that is at the bottom of their cake pan (cut exactly to cover the bottom).

can you bake cookies on wax paper
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This works because the wax paper is covered entirely in batter, which presents less of an issue than if you use it as something like a layer on a cookie baking sheet where the wax paper would be directly introduced to the heat source.

That being said, I use wax paper a lot in the kitchen.

You can use it when you’re rolling out cookie dough, as it won’t stick to the dough and can help you get an even roll and not have cookie dough stuck to your rolling pin.

can you bake cookies on wax paper
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I use wax paper to separate things in the kitchen that I’m storing, like cookies with frosting, or even something like chicken wings that you don’t want to all clump together.

You can even use wax paper to make your own cooking and baking tools, like a makeshift piping bag used by cutting out a square of wax paper and rolling it into a cone.

can you bake cookies on wax paper
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Alternatives to Wax Paper in Baking and Cooking

If you are looking for some type of paper to actually put in the oven, you should consider some options options rather than wax paper.

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper, or baking paper, is definitely the way to go if you want to put anything on a paper in the oven. This does have a coating too, but a non-flammable one so it’s perfectly safe to be used in the oven.

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Typically parchment paper will be shiny on one side and flat on the other, whereas wax paper will be shiny on both sides. This is a visual way to tell before you make a mistake and put the wrong on in the oven.

Silicone Baking Mats

Silicone baking mats are the absolute best for making sure you don’t have a ton of clean up and that you’re cooking mess free.

You can buy ones like this of all sizes, and all you do is lay the mat down and treat it like you would parchment paper.

You can bake cookies on silicone baking mats, you can use it to roast vegetables on, or you could use it to make chicken wings or anything else that you want to have a non-stick bottom (there is no oil needed to make sure things don’t stick – that’s the beauty of the silicone mat!)

Simply throw them in the dishwasher or rinse off yourself in the sink and reuse over and over again.

Aluminum Foil

While you should never use foil for baking (it will distribute the heat in the wrong way and contribute to burning the bottoms of your cookies or cakes), you can definitely use it in other ways in the oven.

aluminum foil
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People use aluminum foil to bake fries on, roast vegetables on, and lots of other things.

You will want to add oil to make sure that your food doesn’t stick, but you can put it in the oven (and it’s often used to cover things in the oven when you don’t want the top to burn while the rest cooks).

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