16 Best Cookies with Marshmallows Recipes

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Baking’s most versitile ingredient, used to make everything from s’mores cookies in the fall to hot chocolate cookies in the winter and delicious cereal and reese’s cookies all year round.

These are the best cookies with marshmallows recipes, compiled from expert bakers across the internet and served up to you in one very gooey list!

Each recipe will specify the exact type of marshmallows: tiny, big, pumpkin flavored, you name it!

You’ll also find marshmallow cookie recipes that fit specific dietary needs, like vegan marshmallow cookies. If you’ve got an air fryer, check out the super cool technique for the air fryer s’mores cookies as well: this isn’t your grandma’s old-fashioned baking (though we love that too!)

Enjoy these cookie recipes with marshmallows!

1. Hot Cocoa Cookies

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Hot Cocoa Cookies are the best combination of a soft, chewy chocolate cookie, a brownie, and hot cocoa with marshmallows.

They are such a classic cookie and happen to also be gluten free, so they can accommodate special diets!

2. Air Fryer S’mores Cookies

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Fryer S’mores Cookies are such a special treat!

Melted chocolate and oozing marshmallows make this a winning cookie recipe!

3. Regular S’mores Cookies

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These s’mores cookies are baked in the oven and are a fantastic treat if you’re wanting to take them to a camp out.

Fun, portable, and an ode to everyone’s favorite campfire snack!

4. Fruity Pebble Marshmallow Cookies

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These Fruity Pebble Marshmallow Cookies are a super soft and chewy, ooey-gooey cookies loaded with Fruity Pebbles and mini marshmallows.

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Marshmallow Cookies

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These Cinnamon Toast Crunch Marshmallow Cookies are a super soft and chewy, ooey-gooey cinnamon sugar cookie loaded with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and mini marshmallows.

6. Vegan Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies

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Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies will satisfy any chocolate craving.

They are fudgy, chewy, and easy to make!

7. Momofuku Milk Bar’s Cornflake Marshmallow Cookies

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Momofuku Milk Bar’s Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies are absolutely packed with all kinds of good stuff.

The original recipe can be a bit finicky, so I made a few adjustments to make them much easier to make!

8. Marshmallow Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

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Brownie-like chocolate crinkle cookies sandwiched together with homemade marshmallow that’s piped onto the cookies while still warm.

These cookies are chewy, fudgy, soft and gooey, with crispy brownie edges.

9. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie S’mores

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie S’mores combine two of our family’s fall favorites – pumpkin cookies and roasted marshmallows for a tasty Halloween treat!

10. S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

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Smores Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are chocolate chip cookie bars topped with toasted marshmallows and chocolate drizzle.

11. Chocolate Almond Rocky Road Cookies

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These soft & chewy Chocolate Marshmallow Almond Rocky Road Cookies are packed with crunch from the nuts and sweet, gooey melted marshmallows!

You are going to love these for cookie plates at Christmas, bake sales in the summer, and enjoying with your family any time of the year!

12. Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

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These Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups made with sugar cookie dough are filled with hot chocolate ganache, have a pretzel handle and mini marshmallows on top!

13. Reese’s Chocolate Cookies

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These chocolate cookies incorporate all of the components of a Reese’s S’more!

They are chock full of Reese’s Cup Minis, marshmallows, and grahams, and they could not be more perfect for summertime.

14. Smookies

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Grab a couple of these chocolate chip graham cracker cookies and make a sandwich with marshmallow cream or a toasty marshmallow.

Aka: Smookies!

15. Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

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These Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies are the perfect addition to your holiday baking ritual!

Moist, tender, rich and ultra chocolaty with just a hint of spice, these will be the hit of any gathering.

16. Kahlua Hot Chocolate Cookies

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These hot chocolate cookies, like your favorite drink in cookie form, are filled with plenty of chocolate, cinnamon and coffee flavor then topped with marshmallows and a caramel drizzle.

They’re irresistible!

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