29 Incredible Dairy Free Desserts

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It used to be difficult to find decent dairy free desserts.

It also used to be taboo to even consider making desserts without butter or heavy cream.

Thankfully times have changed and now there’s a treasure trove of irresistible dairy free desserts on the market.

The special people in your life who are lactose intolerant, vegan, or maybe just looking for healthier dessert alternatives, will love what you bring to the table when you come to the next special event.

We’ve scoured the internet and found some of the best dairy free desserts that range from toasted coconut donuts to s’mores ice cream cake!


We hope you enjoy making these incredible dairy free desserts!

1. Toasted Coconut Donuts

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These baked toasted coconut donuts are soft, moist and topped with a light coconut glaze and shredded toasted coconut!

2. Sweet Potato Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bars

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These sweet potato oatmeal bars are out of this world good.

They are vegan and you won’t miss the dairy!

3. Homemade Vegan Strawberry Cake

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Made with fresh strawberries, this fluffy dairy-free strawberry cake is pure magic.

4. Vegan Olive Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

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These cookies use olive oil instead of butter keeping them dairy free.

They are also high in protein from the chickpea flour!

5. Salted Caramel Nice Cream

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This salted caramel nice cream is a dairy free alternative to ice cream.

6. Vegan Baklava

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Baklava is easier than ever to make with my simple butter hack.

Speaking of butter, this recipe is made with plant-based butter and is dairy free. 

7. Dairy-Free Sugar Cookies

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These Dairy-Free Sugar Cookies have the perfect texture.

They are crunchy on the outside, but soft and chewy on the inside.

8. Cinnamon Spice Apple Pie Fries

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Apple fries are a fun fall treat that kids and adults will love!

Fried apple sticks coated in cinnamon and sugar served with three sauces for dipping!

9. Coconut Oil Cookies

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These coconut oil cookies taste like shortbread but are dairy free!

They’re easy to make and delicious.

10. Copycat Doubletree Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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This dairy free take on the Doubletree classic cookies is always a favorite!

11. Chocolate Black Bean Cake (Gluten Free & Vegan)

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This chocolate black bean cake is rich, fudgy, and delicious.

It’s dairy free, refined sugar free, and gluten free!

12. Chiffon Cake

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This chiffon cake is light, airy, and soft!

It’s made with beaten eggs and cake flour for a delicate and soft cake!

13. Easy Sponge Cake

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This easy sponge cake is soft, fluffy, and light as air!

It’s a simple recipe made with cake flour, beaten eggs, and sugar for an easy, simple sponge cake that’s moist and soft!

14. Dairy Free Brownies

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These dairy free brownies are incredibly fudgy, gooey and chocolaty!

They taste like classic brownies but they’re dairy free.

15. Easy No Bake Peanut Butter Cup Pie

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This delicious peanut butter cup pie is both gluten free & dairy free, but no one will ever know.

It has a perfect creamy peanut butter filling topped with a rich dark chocolate ganache.

16. Pineapple Cherry Popsicles

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These juicy pineapple cherry popsicles are fresh and delicious.

With just four ingredients they are an easy homemade treat that’s perfect to cool off on a hot day.

17. Eggless Carrot Cake

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This homemade eggless carrot cake is made with no eggs and a secret ingredient to keep it moist and delicious.

Made with fresh carrots and a tangy lemon frosting!

18. 2 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

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These healthy, dairy-free peanut butter cookies are made using just 2 ingredients.

They’re the perfect sweet treat for any time a craving strikes!

19. Flourless Brownies

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These delicious and easy-to-make dairy-free and flourless brownies are the perfect chocolate treat.

20. Tanghulu

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Tanghulu is yummy Chinese candied fruit!

21. Poached Pears in Red or White Wine

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Make this easy 3 ingredient recipe for a show-stopping dessert that tastes fabulous!

No gluten, dairy or nuts in this treat that will be a firm favorite to make any time of year!

22. S’mores Ice Cream Cake

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This dairy free s’mores ice cream cake is sure to be the hit of the party. It is fun and delicious while top 8 allergen friendly.

23. Vegan Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies

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These Vegan Tahini Chocolate Chip Cookies have crisp edges and a chewy center.

They’re easy to make and come out perfect.

24. Gluten-free Almond Flour Biscotti

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Gluten-free biscotti are twice baked for crunchy, dunkable, and delicious perfection.

Dip them in chocolate and dust with chopped nuts for a real treat!

25. Vegan Lemon Pound Cake

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This vegan lemon pound cake is flavored with a generous amount of freshly-squeezed lemon juice and lemon zest.

It’s topped with a sweet and tart syrup and glaze giving the cake a lovely finish.

26. Dairy-Free Neapolitan Ice Cream

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This dairy free Neapolitan ice cream is creamy, delicious and free from the 14 major allergens.

27. Triple Ginger Vegan Cookies

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Use a combination of freshly grated, ground, and candied ginger to make perfectly spiced triple ginger and molasses vegan ginger cookies with crisp edges and a soft and chewy middle (aka gingersnaps!) – perfect for the holidays and ready in just 30 minutes!

28. Peanut Butter Blossoms

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These gluten and dairy free peanut butter cookies are a delicious remake of the classic peanut butter blossoms. 

29. Pumpkin Brownies

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These amazing pumpkin brownies are super simple to make and so delicious!

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