17 Grinch Themed Cookies and Desserts

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When it comes to Christmas cookies, it’s not just about the traditional Santa and snowmen and reindeer, but also about the stories and movies surrounding the holiday!

One of my favorite stories is Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and he lives on as a Christmas character in these Grinch themed desserts, cookies, brownies, and more.

Check out all of the Grinch themed cookies to make for your holiday party, or to go along with your annual viewing of the Grinch (cartoon version, obviously – the best!)

1. Grinch Cookie Sandwiches

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These Grinch cookie sandwiches are filled with a delicious icing and made with two different colors, bringing out the real Grinch spirit.

2. Grinch Snowball Cookies

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With a green center and a heart decoration (just like the Grinch’s that grew three sizes that day!), these Grinch snowball cookies are the perfect addition to your viewing party.

3. Minty Grinch Dip

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Dip your pretzels, cookies, and other treats in this minty grinch dip, which is brilliantly green and perfect for a holiday party.

4. Grinch Candy Buttons

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These Grinch candy buttons make for the best gifts or stocking stuffers, and are super easy to make at home.

5. Grinch Ice Cream Float

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Pull out the ice cream and enjoy this Grinch themed dessert that might give you a brain freeze, but also will make sure that you understand the true meaning of Christmas!

6. Grinch Christmas Brownies

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Fudgy, delicious, and with beautiful streaks of green to celebrate the Grinch, these Grinch Christmas brownies are a fun and minty way to celebrate the holiday season.

7. Grinch Peppermint Fudge

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What do you get when you combine peppermint, the Grinch, and decadent fudge?

This Grinch peppermint fudge is the best way to bring this Christmas character into your house and kitchen.

8. Grinch Rice Krispie Treats

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One of the easiest Grinch dessert recipes, Grinch rice krispie treats are really fun to make with kids as all you need to do is make the rice krispie treats and then just give them a dip.

9. Grinch Pretzel Sticks

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The sweet and salty of Grinch pretzel sticks isn’t unlike the Grinch himself – multi-faceted!

Sometimes sweet, sometimes salty!

There are another easy recipe where you can simply dip the pretzels, let dry, and enjoy.

10. Grinch Cupcakes

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Whether you’re celebrating a Christmas party or packing these in your kid’s lunchboxes, Grinch cupcakes are an adorable way to have a bite-sized treat in honor of the Grinch and his heart.

11. Grinch Cookies

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Decorated to look like the Grinch, these Christmas cookies are absolutely adorable and easy to make, even if you’ve never used royal icing before.

12. Grinch Cake Mix Cookies

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There’s nothing better than cookies made with cake mix because they are so, so easy to make, and these Grinch cake mix cookies bring together two colors of cake mix to make for an awesomely festive and simple cookie recipe.

13. Grinch Cookie Pops

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Made with Oreos, these dipping cookies are made with green candy melts and a cookie that’s already baked (the oreo), so you just have to add the heart decoration and enjoy.

14. Grinch Cookies with Fur Frosting

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So many Grinch desserts miss the fact that the Grinch isn’t smooth – he’s furry!

These Grinch treats are super Grinch realistic with the fur effect.

15. No Bake Grinch Cookies

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What’s better than cookies freshly baked from the oven?

Cookies that you don’t even have to bake!

Check out these no-bake Grinch cookies for an easy way to make Grinch treats without even having to turn on your oven.

16. Grinch Chocolate Bombs

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Hot chocolate bombs are all the rage, and these Grinch chocolate bombs are a really fun way to bring the Grinch into your hot chocolate this Christmas.

Fun to give as gifts, or just use at home with your movie night.

17. Grinch Heart Macarons

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Elegant and classy, these Grinch heart macarons are a great idea for those wanting to up their baking game or spend a bit more time in the kitchen crafting some truly impressive baking treats.

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