How to Mash Potatoes without a Masher: 9 Genius Hacks

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Wanting to make mashed potatoes, but realize you don’t have a masher?

Happens to the best of us!

In this guide on how to make mash potatoes without a masher, we’re going to go over 9 different tools you can use to make mashed potatoes without a masher (one of them you’re guaranteed to have).

So whether you’re thinking of making them or you’ve gotten halfway through and realized you don’t have a masher, then this is for you!

Bowl of mashed potatoes
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Our Favorite Quirky Kitchen Gadgets

1. Fork

Close up image of mashed potatoes on a table with a fork
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A fork is usually the best option when it comes to mashing without a masher, as the prongs will enable it to sort of squish everything down and “through” the tool like a masher does.

Simply take any fork from your drawer and smash it down firmly over the lumps of potato over and over again.

You will need to do more of a mashing motion, rather than mixing it up with a fork, but it should give you some delicious, albeit slightly lumpy (in the best way) mashed potatoes.

2. Ricer

Using a ricer to mash potatoes
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Some people actually prefer to use ricers to make their mashed potatoes, as the smaller holes allow for a less lumpy mashed potato (it will really not leave too much room for lumps to occur).

But if you usually use a masher and just don’t have one this time around and happen to have a ricer on hand, give it a try and see if you like the texture better for making mashed potatoes without a masher!

3. Wooden Spoon

Wooden spoon next to a bowl of mashed potatoes
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A wooden spoon can be an option when it comes to mashing potatoes, as it has a surface area that’s large enough to really mash everything down, especially if you smash the potato down against the bottom or sides of a bowl.

Use it “flat,” ie, not the side of the spoon, and keep mashing until you’ve got the consistency you want.

4. Whisk

Chef using a whisk
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Got a whisk?

If you want smooth mashed potatoes, but don’t have a masher, a whisk is a fantastic option.

Do a regular whisking motion through the potatoes, and you’ll find that you can more easily achieve a smooth, rather than lumpy, type of mashed potato this way!

You will want a strong whisk, not a flimsy plastic one, but if you have a metal one or hard silicone one on hand, this is a great option.

5. Mixer

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Want silky smooth mashed potatoes without a masher?

Throw them into either a food processor or electric mixer.

You’re going to really whip them up into something that resembles more of a puree.

It won’t likely have lumps in it, but many people like their mashed potatoes super smooth and this is a surefire way to achieve that.

6. Mug

Woman holding a coffee mug
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If you’ve got a mug in the kitchen, then you can totally use that to mash potatoes.

Make sure your bowl is large enough to accommodate a mug, and then press the bottom of the mug into the potatoes as far as it will go.

This will take a bit longer than using a masher, but it’s usually a better option than a wooden spoon or fork because you can mash a lot in less time as it has a larger surface area.

7. Use Your Hands

Close up image of someone holding potatoes
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Seriously, just dig your hands right in those mashed potatoes (make sure to wash them first!) to make sure that you get the mashed potatoes you want.

It’s the fool-proof method, producing some very messy hands, but your hands can do great work by squeezing and mashed the potatoes all around the bowl.

Use your palm for the large parts, and then squeeze other parts through your fingers.

But, yeah.

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly, like under the nails and everything, and this is really only a good option if you’re feeding yourself or your partner as no one wants hand-mashed potatoes at a potluck because, ew.

8. Put them in a plastic bag and use a heavy object

Potatoes in a plastic bag
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Want to have a little fun with it or don’t have a suitable bowl to mash them in, stick the potatoes (preferably cooled) in a sealable plastic bac like a large Ziploc bag.

Then, using a heavy object like a mug or the bottom of the glass, mash the potatoes while they’re within the bag.

You can even use your hands, or hit the bag against the counter a few times to try and get them smushed up.

9. Cheese grater

Cheese grater
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If you’ve run out of options, another way to try and get those potatoes mashed up is a cheese grater.

This one creates a little bit more mess than the other options, but can be a great way to turn “boiled potatoes” into mashed potatoes as the act of grating them will turn them into something resembling mashed potatoes.

It does get a little messy, though, and you’ll want to make sure the potatoes aren’t too soft, as otherwise it will just end up gooey and will be hard to actually get them mashed!

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