11+ Delicious Rainbow Dessert Recipes

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These rainbow cake recipes and rainbow cupcake recipes are the most incredible rainbow cake recipes on the World Wide Web (seriously).

From unicorn style cakes to adorable rainbow cupcakes to instant pot cakes (oh yes, that’s a thing), you’ll be sure to find a rainbow cake recipe you love from this colorful and amazing list.

Rainbow cakes do usually take more effort in baking due to the number of different colors you need to use when making the batter and putting it together, but the results are absolutely stunning.

For the easier rainbow cake options, check out the Funfetti cupcakes and Funfetti waffle cakes below that don’t require lots of rainbow layering.

Enjoy the best rainbow cake and cupcake recipes!

1. Rainbow Cheesecake

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Rainbow Cheesecake is a creamy vanilla cheesecake decorated in a fun rainbow of color, making it a fun and delicious dessert.

2. Rainbow Cake Balls

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This Rainbow Cake Balls Recipe is super fun and sure to surprise everyone when they take a bite and see the hidden rainbow inside each one.

3. Rainbow Unicorn Cake

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This rainbow unicorn cake turns out adorable every time.

Made with a box cake mix this simple step by step recipe tastes and looks amazing.

4. Rainbow Jello Cake

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This rainbow jello cake mix cake is bright and flavorful.

Easy to make and always a crowd favorite!

5. Gluten Free Rainbow Cupcakes

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These homemade Gluten-Free Funfetti Cupcakes are so easy to make!

This from-scratch recipe is vegan, allergy-free, and healthier than the boxed mix!

A simple vanilla and sprinkle-filled cake topped with the best dairy-free buttercream frosting and extra sprinkles!

6. Funfetti Waffle Cake

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This colorful Gluten-Free Funfetti Waffle Cake is vegan, allergy-free, requires minimal ingredients, while still being a dessert (or breakfast) recipe to remember!

7. Rainbow Poke Cake

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Make a colorful, moist, and utterly delicious cake within minutes with this Rainbow Poke Cake recipe.

It is full of flavor and plenty of fun colors, including shades of pink, blue, and yellow!

8. Unicorn Rainbow Cupcakes

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These unicorn rainbow cupcakes have a cute unicorn horn and are wonderfully decorated with rainbow icing.

9. Instant Pot Rainbow Bundt Cake

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This rainbow bundt cake is super easy to make in your instant pot, and it’s absolutely gorgeous when you cut it open!

This is definitely a rainbow cake that shows off once you cut it, but you can also decorate it with rainbow icing for a total rainbow baking fest.

10. Keto Rainbow Cake Pops

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These keto cake pops are a must for your next birthday or celebration!

Each pop has just 4 grams net carbs and each bite is super sweet.

11. Rainbow Fruit Loops Cupcakes

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These gorgeous rainbow cupcakes are made with the colors and flavors of fruit loops, a popular breakfast cereal!

Learn how to bake, decorate, and present these colorful rainbow cereal cupcakes.

12. Rainbow Swirl Cakes

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Celebrating Pride month?

Throwing a unicorn party?

Or just looking to have some fun with your kids in the kitchen?

This beautiful, scrumptious and fun Vanilla Glazed Rainbow Swirl Cake recipe is for you!

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