17+ Delicious Easter Themed Cookies

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These incredible Easter themed cookies range from bird’s nest cookies to Easter bunny cookies, and you can make them all with the help of these recipes!

The colors trend towards the pastel, which full on screams “springtime,” so you can make more generic Easter cookies or you can go fully on bunny or chickling to make animal themed Easter cookies.

Whether you’re gluten free, vegan, or wanting to eat as much butter as possible (we can arrange that), enjoy these Easter cookie recipes!

1. Easter Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

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If you’re looking for a recipe for perfect sugar cookies this holiday season, then we’ve got you’ve covered!

These delicious but easy Easter sour cream sugar cookies with a cream cheese frosting are light and fluffy, and they are perfect for cutting into fun shapes with cookie cutters!

2. Gluten-Free Easter Bunny Cookies

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Everyone will love this easy and festive Easter treat!

These Gluten-Free Easter Bunny Cut-Out Sugar Cookies are vegan, allergy-free, kid-friendly, and fun to decorate and customize with sugar-free icing!

A delicious, cute, and healthier dessert recipe to serve to your holiday guests!

3. Carrot Cake Sugar Cookies

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These Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Sugar Cookies are fun, delicious, and full of veggies!

These carrot-shaped cut-out carrot cookies are vegan and allergy-free, made with a carrot cake dough and decorated with dairy-free & naturally colored white chocolate.

They’re a perfectly cute & kid-friendly treat for any Easter or Spring celebration!

4. Easter Candy Cookies

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Delicious cookies packed with leftover Easter candy.

If you’re wondering how to repurpose all the leftover Easter chocolate eggs and candy – these Easter candy cookies are your answer!

They have crispy edges and chewy centers and are studded with pockets of melted chocolate!

5. Easter Egg Butter Cookies

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Our Easy Easter Egg Butter Cookies recipe is a buttery cookie that’s cut into shapes and topped with an easy confectioners’ sugar glaze and your favorite sprinkles!

6. Mini Egg Cheesecake Cookie Bars

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A festive spring or Easter dessert, these Mini Egg Cheesecake Cookie Bars include a Cadbury mini egg filled cookie layer with a cheesecake layer and then topped with more cookie.

Colorful, delicious and only 15 minutes to prep!

7. Copycat Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

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Make your favorite Easter candy!

These copycat Reese’s chocolate eggs taste just as good as the store bought version!

Surprisingly easy to make and taste SO good!

8. Floral Easter Cookies

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These floral Easter cookies bring a pretty display to the table. Easy to make ahead and so delicious, too!

9. Homemade Easter Egg Cookies in a Jar

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Whether you’re looking for easy Easter cookies to bake for your own family or gift to others, these homemade cookies in a jar fit the bill!

10. Easter Birds Nest Cookies

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These deliciously adorable Easter Birds Nest Cookies are the perfect holiday treat for kids.

The chow mein noodle nests are covered in a butterscotch and peanut butter coating, which holds decadent chocolate eggs.

11. Healthy Birds Nest Cookies

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These are easy to make, with plenty of opportunities for the kids to get involved with mashing, measuring and mixing.

They’re made healthier with bananas and oats, but still offer the satisfying Easter chocolate hit we all love!

12. Easter Cake Mix Cookies

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These easy cake mix cookies are perfect for Easter!

Just a few ingredients, super soft, and tasty!

13. Easter Birds Nest Funfetti Cookies

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This recipe for soft-baked and chewy Bird’s Nest Funfetti cookies is easy to make and the perfect Easter treat!

These colorful and fun cake mix cookies are topped with Cadbury eggs and lots of pastel sprinkles.

14. Shortbread Easter Bunny Cookies

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These easy to make shortbread Easter Bunny Cookies are dipped in white chocolate and have marshmallow and coconut fluffy tails!

Cute, fun, festive, delicious and a great addition to your holiday menu!

15. Meringue Bunny Feet

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Decorate meringue cookies to look like cute little bunny paws.

These delicate cookies make a perfect dessert for Easter.

16. Vegan Mother’s Bunny Cookies

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A vegan bunny version of those pink and white Mother’s circus animal cookies with sprinkles.

17. Easter Chick Cookies

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Make some of the cutest Easter Chick Cookies out of soft sugar cookies and sprinkles!

These are so fun to make and will make the perfect addition to your Easter or Springtime table.

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