Expert cookie storage tips: 9+ ways to keep them fresh

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Let’s face it, cookies are precious!

And sometimes, you might make a big batch that means they’re not eaten right away, so how do you keep cookies fresh and store cookies the right way?

In this guide, we’re going to make sure you know how to keep your cookies fresh and tasty for longer.

We’ll talk about cookie storage options, including storing cookies in the freezer, storing cookies in the fridge, and storing cookies at room temperature.

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We’ll also talk about the right containers to use to store cookie, and what you can put it in the container to keep your cookies fresh longer (seriously, some of this stuff is genius).

You’ll be able to enjoy your fresh, moist cookies for even up to a week later with these tips.

Let’s jump into it.

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Storing Cookies at Room Temperature

Room temperature is the easiest way to store cookies, as it means it works for basically any type of cookie and you don’t have to find room in your fridge or freezer.

Cookies also usually taste better at room temperature, so it’s a win-win.

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1. Put them in an airtight container

Find any type of airtight container, whether it’s plastic Tupperware or a glass cookie jar that actually seals.

You don’t want your cookies exposed to the air around the kitchen, as this will dry them out and make them crumbly.

You can find plenty of easy cookie store options like these airtight cookie containers to simply put them in and pop it somewhere on the kitchen counter for easy storage.

When you put the cookies in the container, you can stack them all together if it’s easier, but if you want to go the extra mile, then separate the cookies with something like baking paper or wax paper in different “tiers” or levels to avoid them getting stuck together.

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2. Add a slice of bread to the container

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Seriously, find a slice of bread (a white slice of bread is best, but a white bun or tortilla wrap will work too – you don’t want it to have too much flavor because it will soak into your cookies!)

Then, put the bread in the same airtight container as your cookies.

The bread will transfer some of its moisture to your cookies as they start getting dry and they will seriously stay soft (I know, it’s the weirdest hack out there).

Do this from the very beginning of the storage process, and keep in mind that it’s best if you keep that container lid closed at all times so as not to let outside air get to the cookies (except for when you’re reaching in for one of course).

3. Put in Ziploc bags

Sometimes, you might not have an airtight container or it might be too rigid for your use (maybe you want to transport them easiest or drop them off at someone’s house).

In this case, use a Ziploc bag with a good seal.

It will give you that same airtight feature, and as long as you use brand name and not the knock off versions that fall apart easily, you’ll get a really airtight seal and keep your cookies fresh for longer.

Obviously it’s going to be harder to store your cookies this way and keep them completely in tact, as they won’t have the protection of a rigid container, but you can still do the technique where you separate them with wax paper within the bag.

4. Store in a cool place

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A lot of baking experts like to keep their cookies in a cool place (read: not right next to a hot oven in your kitchen).

Some people even go as far as leaving the cookies in somewhere like a garage or basement if it’s cooler than the rest of the house, and if you live in a cold climate, you can actually store the cookies in airtight containers on your back porch to act like a makeshift freezer.

Don’t forget to triple check that your container is sealed, because you don’t want critters getting into the cookies, but it’s something to try.

5. Put them in a metal container with greaseproof paper

Remember when you went to your aunt’s house back in the day and she fed you cookies from a metal tin?

They still exist!

Use a metal cookie tin like this one to store your cookies, particularly if you don’t need them to stay fresh as long and they’ll be eaten in the next couple of days.

Metal tins don’t have the same airtight quality as many plastic locking containers, but they often look prettier and you can separate the cookies using cupcake holders or using wax paper within the tin to keep them looking nice.

You’ll get that rigidity to help protect the cookies, which you don’t get with a Ziploc bag.

6. Use a heat sealer

If you’ve made cookies with royal icing and want to keep them good for weeks, even months, you can use a heat sealer like this one.

Combined with the heat sealable packaging, this is going to basically heat seal the freshness of the cookies in, with no exposure to outside air, making sure they stay fresh for a long time.

If you use royal icing, you should also know that the royal icing side has also locked in the freshness to the cookie beneath, as it’s not being exposed to the air anymore!

Storing cookies in the refrigerator

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It’s not popular to store cookies in the refrigerator because of how it changes the texture (cold cookies don’t usually tastes as good as room temperature ones and you can get condensation leading to soggy cookies), but there are some cookies that you do need to store in the fridge.

Frosted cookies that have used an ingredient like cream cheese or eggs in the frosting will need to be refrigerated.


Think about those ingredients: would you leave eggs or cream cheese on the counter for days?

I didn’t think so!

Here are our best tips for storing cookies in the fridge.

7. Use tiered cooling racks

If you’re storing cookies in the fridge, it can be hard to do so without ruining the frosting (as they’ll probably be frosted).

To combat this, get yourself a cooling rack with tiers like this one to store those cookies in the refrigerator.

This is great for short term storage, as the cooling rack will take up a lot of space in your fridge and you don’t want to leave them exposed to the air for too long or they’ll dry out, but this is a great overnight option if you need to take them somewhere the next day.

8. Put them in an airtight container

You can, of course, use an airtight container like this one in the fridge when storing cookies.

Use plastic or glass, and make sure it has lockable seals.

Storing cookies in the freezer

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Freezing cookies is a great way to extend their shelf life for actual months, rather than just days or weeks (usually about 6 to 9 months).

This helps with portion control as well as not letting a single cookie go to waste!

Here are a few tips on how to store cookies in the freezer.

9. Put them in freezer bags

There are specific bags that are meant to help your food prevent freezer burn, like these Ziploc freezer bags.

Let the cookies cool completely and then gently stack them in a bag.

Label it with the date so you know when you froze them, and then find a safe place in the freezer where they’re not going to get constantly bashed around.

10. Use parchment paper to wrap them, and then cover in foil

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If you don’t have any Ziploc bags, you can use parchment paper to wrap all of your cookies in to freeze them.

After wrapping in parchment paper, cover the whole package in foil a few times to make sure to prevent freezer burn.

Then, same as above, find a safe place for them in the freezer and they’ll be good 6 months later!

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