101+ Perfect Quotes about Donuts + Donut Captions

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Donut lovers, listen up!

Whether you’re looking for the perfect donut quotes or you want some funny donut puns for Instagram, this is the best list of donut captions and funny donut sayings for you!

Oh, and if you prefer the “doughnut” spelling (that’s correct too), then this list of “doughnut quotes” is also for you (spell it how you want, we chose the faster way!)

Donuts really do make the world go round, as everyone can usually agree that they make all things better. Whether you like glazed, frosted with sprinkles, chocolate, or jam-filled (mmmm!), you can use donut quotes for Instagram to show off your donut haul, use donut sayings for birthdays to write in a fun-filled card, or just use these cute donut sayings whenever the mood strikes.

These are also some great options for some funny donut quotes to use in your bakery or restaurant or cafe, displayed next to the donuts, or to use in marketing materials if you sell donuts or are helping out a bakery that does.

Enjoy this mega list of donut quotes and let us know if you have any other favorite captions about donuts to include!

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Quotes about Donuts

1. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy donuts. And that’s kind of the same thing.

2. One of the best ways to celebrate is by eating a donut.

3. Everything is better with donuts.

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4. Donuts: is there anything they can’t do?

5. Life’s too short to not eat donuts.

6. A donut is happiness with sprinkles on top.

7. Be like a donut and find your center.

8. Where’s my donut squad at?

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9. A bad day eating donuts is better than a good day doing anything else.

10. I don’t care what the problem is. Donuts are the answer.

11. There’s no issue a donut can’t solve.

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Donut Love Quotes

12. You are the sprinkles to my donut.

13. All you need is love and donuts.

14. Feed me donuts and tell me I’m cute.

15. I love you a hole lot.

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16. I donut know what I’d do without you.

17. Find someone who looks at you the way I look at donuts.

18. I love you more than donuts.

19. Nothing can beat a good donut.

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20. I’d go glazy without you.

Cute Donut Quotes

21. Donut know what I’d do without you.

22. Donut stress, just do your best.

23. In a world full of plain bagels, be a sprinkle donut.

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24. As you go through life, make this the goal: watch the doughnut, not the hole.

25. Donut judge me!

26. Are you a donut? Because I find you a-dough-able!

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Coffee and Donuts Quotes

27. We go together like coffee and donuts.

28. There’s no better pair than coffee and donuts.

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29. Dunking my donut in my coffee and my coffee in my soul.

30. You bring the coffee, I’ll bring the donuts, and maybe I’ll share.

31. Coffee and donuts: the classic pair.

Funny Quotes about Donuts

32. The donut just stood there with a glazed expression.

33. The only circle of trust you should have is a donut.

34. Whatever sprinkles your donut.

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35. I’m just a girl, standing in front of the salad, wishing for it to be a donut.

36. Eat more hole foods.

37. I donut understand puns.

38. Check out my six pack (of donuts).

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39. Look at me dunk (my donuts).

40. Donuts: an excuse to eat cake for breakfast.

41. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like donuts.

42. A good friend is there for you. A best friend is there for you with donuts.

Donut Birthday Quotes

43. A donut a day keeps the doctor away.

44. Wishing you a year filled with donuts.

45. Yay! You’re another year hole-der!

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46. It’s your birthday. You’re allowed to stuff your face with donuts.

47. Happy Birthday. Eat a donut.

48. Donut grow up. Happy birthday!

Donut Puns

49. I donut care.

50. Donut give up.

51. Donut forget me.

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52. Donut worry, be happy.

53. Hold me closer, tiny donut.

54. Do or donut, there is no try.

55. Sweet and holesome.

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56. Oh, donut even.

57. Glazed and confused.

58. You’re a-glaze-ing!

59. Donut stop believing.

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Donut Instagram Captions

60. Follow me to the donuts.

61. Live. Love. Donuts.

62. You had me at donuts.

63. There’s nothing better than a day with donuts.

64. Donuts are my therapy.

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65. Heading to the donuts, be back never.

66. Leave me alone. I’m eating donuts.

67. Donuts have my heart.

68. Save a bagel. Eat a donut.

69. Donuts are my best friends.

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70. There’s no better way to make friends than donuts!

71. The fresh donut sign is my bat signal.

72. Life’s just easier with donuts.

73. I’ve got jam in my donut and a warmth in my heart.

74. Who needs donuts? Everyone. Everyone needs donuts.

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75. It’s not a good meeting unless there’s donuts.

76. Say “donuts” and I’ll come running.

77. My dating profile picture is a donut. Not because I am one, I just like them.

78. Hello, donuts, it’s me. I’m in the supermarket dreaming of how we used to be.

79. I’m on a diet. No, I’m not. Give me that donut.

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80. Will fight you for a donut.

81. Runs on donuts.

82. Donuts are my spirit animals.

83. Donuts are life.

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84. Shhh, I’m eating a donut.

85. Every donut for themselves.

86. Every donut is a good donut.

87. My autobiography is titled: Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme, and me.

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88. Donuts of Instagram.

89. No donuts were harmed in the making of this Instagram photo.

90. Donuts are my currency.

91. I’ve never loved someone the way I love donuts.

92. I want Donut on a license plate.

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93. You spin me right round baby right round. Yes, donuts, I’m talking to you.

94. Is it normal to talk to donuts before you eat them?

95. I don’t trust people who eat unglazed donuts.

96. I’m only running a marathon if there are donuts at the end.

97. Save an apple, eat a donut.

98. Donuts have more fun.

99. Who said I can’t eat all the donuts?

100. Donuts: dreams come true.

101. Eat a donut and you’ll live forever. Okay, no, but you’ll be happy.

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