41 Unique & Best Gifts for Bakers that They’ll Love

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If you have a talented or passionate baker in your life, don’t just give them a generic gift this Christmas or their next birthday.

Celebrate their talents with a gift that recognizes their passion, taking inspiration from this list of unique gifts for bakers that they’ll be sure to love.

Here are 41 of the most unique and best gifts for bakers that they’ll love!

If you’re looking for cake specific tools and equipment we’ve got the perfect guide for you here!

Or perhaps you’re looking for more general tools – check out our best baking tools here!

1. Stoneware Mixing Bowl Set

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A mixing bowl set like these are a key part of any baker’s toolkit and this set of cream hued stone bowl makes for a neutral and classic piece of kitchenware that bakers can use when making their batter, or repurpose as a fruit bowl when not needed. 

2. Recipe Book

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Fans of baking will no doubt be familiar with the Great British Baking Show.

The official GBBS recipe book contains inspiration for all seasons and all palettes, from deliciously sweet to delightfully savory creations.

3. Kitchen Scale

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Bakers who take their creations seriously will know the importance of getting their measurements precise.

A gift of these minimalist and compact digital kitchen scales will be much appreciated and a stylish addition to any kitchen counter.

4. Bread Proofing Basket Set

If you’re really looking for one of the most unique gifts for bakers, check out this bread proofing basket set.

Complete with a bench scraper, dough whisk and a professional bread proofing bowl will be an all-complete gift to further their bread making passions!

5. Glass Domed Cake Stand

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Photo credit: Amazon

This glass domed cake stand is not only an eye-catching way to display baked creations, from cakes, to cookies and pies, but is also useful in storing leftovers with its secure and clear acrylic dome.

The best part is that with its rotating base, it also doubles as a lazy susan for any dinner parties your friend may be hosting!

6. Microfiber Kitchen Towels

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If you’re looking for baking gifts for your quirky and humorous friends, a punny dish towel could be a fun gift that’ll put a smile on their face each time they reach for it.

This set of four microfiber kitchen towels are fun and being washing machine friendly, a useful addition to your baker friend’s kitchen. 

7. Rolling Pin for Pizza Dough

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Photo credit: Amazon

Any pizza dough baker worth their salt needs a sturdy rolling pin for their handmade dough.

This handcrafted solid olive wood rolling pin is both classic in design and sturdy in weight, making it one of the most stylish baking gifts to give home bakers.

8. Silicone Spatula

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Photo credit: Amazon

A silicone spatula is an essential baker’s tool, helping them scrape down their mixing bowls gently whilst being easy to clean and dry.

This silicone spatula comes ready with a ribbon that’s perfect for gifting, as either a stocking filler at Christmas time or to add to a hamper of other baked treats. 

9. Pizza Stone

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Photo credit: Amazon

A pizza stone is what sets great pizza makers apart from the novices.

If your friendly home-baker loves throwing pizza parties, treat them with their own ceramic pizza stone like this one that’ll deliver perfectly crispy and fluffy pizza bases each time.

10. Porcelain Baking Dish

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Photo credit: Amazon

A porcelain baking dish is a perfect gift for bakers who love using the best quality tools in their craft.

This rectangular baking dish is not only chic in design but can also be used for all sorts of cooking, from lasagne and bread to roast vegetables and pasta bakes.  

11. Adorable Linen Bread Bags

For your baker friend who loves vintage style homewares, a set of linen bread bags can be a cute gift that they’ll love to use and show off.

These linen bags are made with a linen and cotton blend, reusable and more environmentally friendly compared to plastic wrap. 

12. Digital Thermometer

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Photo credit: Amazon

Have you ever bit into your baker friend’s cake and tried to smile through an oddly burnt taste?

They may be in need of a digital thermometer like this one, which will help to more precisely and accurately check their oven temperature, meaning less burnt cakes and more delicious treats for you. 

13. Piping Bag

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Photo credit: Amazon

A reusable piping bag makes a great birthday gift for bakers, especially if you have a chance to give it to them before the birthday celebrations.

This set of piping bags and icing tips is a useful gift that bakers will love to play around with in creating their frosted cake creations.  

14. Macaron Baking Tray

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Photo credit: Amazon

If the baker in your life is a keen patissiere, a macaron baking tray can make for a great gift idea.

This baking tray is designed specially for even and round macarons that come out of the oven looking neat and ready to assemble.

15. Bundt Cake Pan

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Photo credit: Amazon

As all bakers will know, a bundt cake needs a uniquely shaped pan that will help the cake form the right shape.

This high quality aluminum flute bundt cake pan will help to bake cakes evenly and get them out of the pan without sticking to the surface.

If your friend loves experimenting with different styles of cake, a bundt cake pan can be a great gift idea.

16. Silicone Writing Pen

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Photo credit: Amazon

A silicone writing pen is a fun accessory to help your favorite baker personalize their creations.

This pen is made from sustainable silicone and is easy to clean and use.

This is an ideal gift for those who love preparing birthday cakes and cookies for family and friends.

17. Copper Measuring Cups Set

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Photo credit: Amazon

This eye-catching and gorgeous set of measuring cups and spoons made with stainless steel and finished with copper is a luxurious looking gift for any baking enthusiast.

The best part is that the set comes packaged in a gift box, ready for easy gifting.  

18. Ramekins

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Photo credit: Amazon

Love the Le Creuset look, but on a budget?

A gift of these Tiffany blue glazed porcelain ramekins is a great gift idea for bakers that love making souffle, creme brulees and ice cream.

These ramekins come in a few other colors so you can choose a color to match most kitchens.

19. Personalized Mug

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Photo credit: Amazon

A cute gift idea for a friend who loves to bake is a novelty mug that reminds them of their favorite hobby (and of you).

This sturdy ceramic mug comes engraved with a ‘Bakers Gonna Bake’ pun that will be a cheerful accompaniment to their morning coffee. 

20. Recipe Book Binder

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Photo credit: Enjoy The Wood Etsy Shop

For truly unique gifts for bakers, we love the idea of a recipe book binder.

You can shop this wooden book binder, engrave it with a personalized message and even include some of your favorite recipes.

This makes a terrific keepsake and perfect for those who love collecting cookbooks. 

21. Cookie Stamp

A cookie stamp is an adorable gift idea and perfect as Christmas gifts for bakers.

This stamp can be personalized with a unique message that can be stamped on cookie dough and fondant.

Order it with a personal message to make this one of the most unique gifts for bakers.

22. Stone Pie Dish

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Photo credit: LetsMakeMemoriesUS Etsy

A stone pie dish makes for an excellent gift for bakers.

Not only is this dish made from high quality ceramic stoneware, but it can also be engraved with a message or name for a personal touch. 

23. Cute Baker Sweatshirt

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Photo credit: The Chronic Hope Shop Etsy

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for bakers, these cute and comfortable baking-themed sweatshirts can be a great gift idea.

These come in a cozy, classic fit and a variety of neutral colors to suit the personal taste of your favorite baker!

24. Sourdough Starter

For a unique gift for bakers in your life who loves making their own bread, this sourdough starter will be a much loved gift idea.

This starter comes in the form of a dry (postage-friendly) powder with instructions on how to bring it to life (along with a recipe to make loaves).

25. Cake Tin

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Photo credit: HollyandFred Etsy

A personalized cake tin is sure to be a much loved (and much used) gift idea for your favorite baker.

This cake tin comes in several sizes and colors and can be personalized with a message of your choice. 

26. Gnocchi Pasta Board

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Photo credit: BlackBearDesigns Etsy

For your favorite homemade pasta maker, this pasta board specifically made for gnocchi is sure to be a hit.

Made of solid wood, and hand finished, this rustic and premium pasta board makes for a thoughtful and one of the most unique gifts for bakers.

27. Personalized Apron

No list of gift ideas for bakers can be complete without mentioning a personalized apron.

A universally loved gift idea for bakers of all ages and interests, a unique and adjustable apron like this one will be a Christmas or birthday gift they’ll love to use.  

28. Greeting Cards

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Photo credit: Maryment Creative Etsy

If you’ve already got the main present covered but still want to add a baking-flavor to your gift, a greeting card with a cute baking-themed pun can be the perfect finishing touch.

These greeting cards come with recycled kraft paper envelopes and are printed on heavyweight art paper for a premium touch. 

29. Minimalist Labels

A unique gift idea for your most organized baker friends is a set of these minimalist pantry labels.

If your friend dreams of having a perfectly organized and coordinated pantry, gift them a set of these custom and stylish printed labels to help them bring their dream kitchen to life.  

30. Brass Spice Box

A spice kit is a great gift idea for those who love baking savory creations such as bread, focaccias, pies and more.

This gorgeous brass spice box comes with six spice holders and a metal spoon for the complete kit.

31. Baking Scratch Off Poster

Has your friend set a resolution to bake more this year?

Gift them this 100 bakes scratch off poster to help them keep their goals on track. 

32. Cookie Mix Pouches

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If your friend loves to bake but isn’t confident in baking from scratch, these pre-made cookie mix pouches can be the perfect start to build their confidence.

These pouches come in a number of delicious flavors, including Nutella, Biscoff and Chocolate Fudge, and can also be ordered as vegan options.

Simply add a few liquid ingredients and you’ll have delicious, freshly baked cookies ready to go.

33. Bakery Scented Candles

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Photo credit: PretaGeek Etsy

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked goods?

These delicious smelling scented candles come in heady scents of chocolate brownie and lemon meringue.

These make for one of the most unique gifts for bakers that they will really appreciate on a rainy day.

34. Gingerbread House Baking Set

For Christmas gifts for bakers, this gingerbread house baking set is a complete kit of decorations and icing that they need to make their own delicious and festive gingerbread house. 

35. Engraved Wooden Spoon

A unique gift idea that bakers will love is an engraved wooden spoon like this one.

Wooden spoons are an essential part of any baker’s toolkit and a personalized engraving makes the gift all the more unique.

36. Baking Themed Tea Towel

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Photo credit: mpsillustrations Etsy

An all things baking tea towel is a useful and fun gift to give to friends as part of a hamper of other goodies or even on its own.

This hand illustrated tea towel is both a practical and fun gift for your friendly baker.

37. Tote Bag

If your friend loves carrying around a tote bag to the market or when running errands, this handmade tote bag printed with a recipe for cookies will be sure to bring a cheer to their day.

You can choose from a number of different recipes too!

38. Great British Bake Off Socks

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Photo credit: SmudgeandSplash Etsy

A pair of novelty socks is always sure to bring a laugh.

If your friend loves this hit baking show, these GBBO themed novelty socks is one of the most unique gifts for bakers that’ll give them a chuckle each time they reach for them. 

39. Christmas Ornaments

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Photo credit: Cirencester Christmas Etsy

For baking inspired Christmas gifts, a food blender shaped hanging Christmas ornament can be a sweet gift to celebrate the festive season.

This glass blown ornament comes in a vibrant festive red color to bring a sparkle to their tree. 

40. Personalized Cookie Stamp Kit

A personalized cookie stamp kit with a full set of letters is a great gift idea for your friend that loves to bake cookies for all their loved ones.

With this set, they can create their own messages and reuse them to create their own unique gifts for others. 

41. Gourmet Brownies

When in doubt, a box of freshly baked brownies, like these, delivered directly through the letterbox will always be appreciated.

If your friends love baked goods, they’ll be sure to appreciate someone else doing the baking (and cleaning up) for them.

There’s various flavors to choose from and you can also mix and match with blondies.

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