Chocolate almond butter smoothie protein shake (+ tips!)

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If you’ve been on No Fuss Kitchen before, you have probably noticed a lot of protein shake smoothies.

I love making protein shakes in smoothie form because it makes them taste SO MUCH BETTER than normal protein shakes.

And this chocolate almond butter smoothie protein shake is no different!

In fact, this chocolate almond butter protein shake is AMAZING!

If you’re looking for similarly great-tasting protein shakes, I recommend this awesome chocolate raspberry protein shake, this great-tasting almond butter and berry weight gain smoothie, and my go-to avocado spinach protein shake smoothie.

Let’s get to the smoothie…

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Why this Chocolate almond butter smoothie protein shake is AMAZING!

This almond butter protein shake tastes PHENOMENAL!

Seriously, this almond butter protein shake ROCKS.

It tastes SO GOOD!

It has such a deep flavor, from the combination of the chocolate and the almond butter.

The sweetness from the raspberries adds something extra to make it taste almost like a dessert.

But the real secret ingredient is the coconut yogurt!

Coconut yogurt smoothies are amazing!

Coconut yogurt in smoothies is absolutely amazing.

Yogurt is often used in smoothies, but the thing with coconut yogurt is that you get that great yogurt texture, whilst adding this extra coconut flavor that can really pull ingredients together in a way that you weren’t expecting.

Coconut yogurt doesn’t have a super-strong coconut flavor, so it can still be enjoyed by people (like myself) who actually aren’t that fond of coconut.

But it gives you this fresh flavor that adds so much to smoothies like this simple chocolate protein shake.

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It’s a simple chocolate protein shake

There’s nothing complicated about this recipe – it is a simple chocolate protein shake that still tastes good.

It only has ingredients that are easy to find in stores and store in the cupboard (for the protein powder and the almond butter) or in the freezer (for the raspberries), so you can get the ingredients in bulk and store them for as long as it takes for you to use them.

The one thing that won’t keep as long as the other is the coconut yogurt, but you can use that in other coconut yogurt smoothies, like this mango watermelon smoothie!

You can put this simple chocolate protein shake together in a couple of minutes and start enjoying how good it tastes compared to normal protein shakes!

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It’s a healthy chocolate almond butter smoothie

This is a great coconut yogurt chocolate smoothie for those of you looking to take in healthy nutrients.

With its almonds, chocolate protein powder, raspberries, and coconut yogurt, you can be sure that you are taking in many health-boosting nutrients!

It’s a chocolate almond smoothie

Although it has a bad reputation, chocolate can actually be good for you.

It could lower LDL cholesterol, could improve cognitive function, could help lower the risk of developing heart disease, could help lower the risks of a stroke, and boost oxygen availability when working out.

Almonds also have many nutritional benefits.

Eating almonds could help to limit the risks of weight gain and could help to reduce hunger.

Almonds also have nutrients that could help to reduce the risk of heart disease – their phytosterols, vitamin E, unsaturated fatty acids, copper, manganese and magnesium.

Almonds are also good for brain health and could help to boost memory function, due to their vitamin E, folate, l-carnitine, and their unsaturated fatty acids.

So, as you can see, a chocolate almond smoothie has many health benefits that you can feel good about!

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It’s a raspberry smoothie

Raspberries add sweetness to smoothies without adding a large amount of calories, and they also have many health benefits. Raspberries contain ellagic acid, which could help to prevent certain cancers, their anthocyanins could help to reduce oxidative damage and inflammation related to heart disease, their flavonoids and polyphenolic compounds could help with eye health, and their phytonutrients could help to improve memory function.

There are so many more health benefits of raspberries, you should definitely consider having more raspberry smoothies!

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It’s a keto chocolate protein shake

Another great benefit of this chocolate almond butter smoothie is that it is Keto-friendly!

I am a fan of making Keto smoothies, and this keto chocolate protein shake is no different.

Coming in at only 10.5g of net carbs, you have plenty of headroom on the net carb front for the rest of your meals, and being high in protein means you can be closer to the protein target you have set for your Keto diet.

If you are not on a Keto diet, don’t worry – this almond butter protein shake is suitable for everyone!

Protein is super-important to have as it increases strength and muscle mass, could decrease blood pressure, helps with bone health, reduces cravings and the desire to snack, could reduce LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and increases your metabolism and the number of calories you burn.

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How to make a chocolate almond butter smoothie protein shake

As mentioned above, it’s really easy to make this chocolate almond butter smoothie!


For this almond butter protein shake, you will need the following ingredients:-

Almond butter – Be sure to get a high-quality almond butter! You want to make sure it is as pure as possible, free from other oils (like palm oil), has no added sugar, and generally fits within your dietary requirements. I personally LOVE Pip & Nut almond butter. It is made from all-natural ingredients, and uses high-quality almonds.

Chocolate protein powder – Something to note with chocolate protein powder is that they vary so much in both taste and quality. Be sure to get one that is a good quality protein powder, and also tastes great. I am a big fan of Optimum Nutrition Double Rich Chocolate, because it’s highly-rated by gym-goers and also has a really good chocolate flavor.

Coconut yogurt – As with almond butter and chocolate protein powder, you must be careful of what coconut yogurt you buy. Some of them sound like coconut yogurt, but are actually diary yogurt with coconut flavor, some have added sugars, and some are actually pure coconut yogurts. I like So Delicious Coconut Yogurt because it is made with organic coconut milk.

Raspberries – You can use fresh or frozen raspberries in this chocolate almond butter smoothie. I prefer frozen, because it’s easier to store them, but fresh work just as well!

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First things first, prepare your chocolate almond smoothie ingredients.

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Next, blend the raspberries. Do this first so that they blend better in to the final coconut yogurt smoothie.

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Next, add the almond butter. Be sure to mix it before adding, just in case the almond oils have risen to the top!

Add the coconut yogurt.

Add the chocolate protein powder.

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Add the water.

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You now have an amazing chocolate almond butter smoothie protein shake! Enjoy!

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Yield: 1

AMAZING Chocolate almond butter smoothie protein shake (+ Tips!)

AMAZING Chocolate almond butter smoothie protein shake (+ Tips!)

"This chocolate almond butter smoothie protein shake tastes absolutely INCREDIBLE! Why suffer through bland protein shakes when you can have this?!"

Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Total Time 3 minutes


  • Almond butter - 20g / 0.71oz / 1 1/4 tbsp
  • Chocolate protein powder - 25g / 0.88oz / 1/4 cup
  • Coconut yogurt - 150g / 5.29oz / 3/5 cup
  • Raspberries (frozen or fresh) - 50g / 1.76oz / 1/5 cup
  • Water - 225ml / 7.92fl oz / 0.95 cups


  1. Blend the raspberries first (if frozen).
  2. Add the coconut yogurt.
  3. Add the almond butter.
  4. Add the chocolate protein powder.
  5. Add the water.
  6. Blend.
  7. Enjoy!


  • If using frozen raspberries, blend them first in to a kind of crushed ice, so that they mix in to the final chocolate almond butter smoothie protein shake better.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE ON CHOCOLATE PROTEIN POWDERS! - Not all chocolate protein powders are created equal. Some of them are disgusting! You need a good-tasting one. I personally use Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey protein, as not only is it a high-rated protein powder by gym-goers, but it also tastes good.
  • The same can be said on coconut yogurt. Be sure you are getting one that is not simply coconut flavoured, but is actually made from coconut yogurt.
  • Be sure to mix the almond butter before using it, otherwise you may end up with just almond oil and not the butter. Be sure to also use a pure almond butter, like Pip & Nut.
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