51+ Amazing Quotes about Cereal and Cereal Instagram Captions

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Whether you’re looking for funny cereal quotes to express just how much you’re willing to do for a bowl of the crunchy stuff or you want some cereal Instagram captions to bring your feed to the next level, this is the best collection of cereal quotes for you!

Cereal is such a beloved part of many people’s day and a great way to start it off right.

Maybe you prefer Lucky Charms, Cheerios, or even Raisin Bran (we won’t judge). Whichever your favorite is, we can all agree that cereal is the best.

Don’t forget, if you’re taking photos to use with these cereal captions, that cereal is often best photographed when it has pops of color around it, which could include a colorful tablecloth or just colorful fruit alongside.

Try zooming in, too, for a unique angle!

Bookmark these cereal sayings for later so you can use them again and again.

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Best Cereal Sayings

1. Cereal is an acceptable meal at any time of the day.

2. Call me cute and feed me cereal.

3. In life, as in breakfast cereal, it is always best to read the instructions on the box.

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4. Cereal is always a good idea.

5. Addicted to cereal.

6. There’s no problem that a bowl of cereal can’t handle.

7. Philosophy is talk on a cereal box.

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8. Just a girl who loves cereal.

9. A bowl of cereal a day keeps the sadness away.

10. Life without cereal is no life at all.

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11. I only wake up early for cereal.

12. Cereal listens to me. Cereal understands.

13. I can eat multiple bowls of cereal per day. What’s your superpower?

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14. I love cereal and cereal loves me.

15. If you need me, you’ll find me in the cereal aisle.

Funny Cereal Quotes

16. Be a fruit loop in a world full of Cheerios.

17. People are always disappointing. Thank God I have cereal.

18. Cereal is basically a gourmet meal for me.

19. All you need is love and a little bit of cereal.

20. I love cereal. I eat several bowls a day, mostly a few late at night.

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21. I won’t eat any cereal that doesn’t turn my milk purple.

22. Who says I can’t cook? You obviously haven’t tasted my cereal.

23. This is one of those mornings where I’ll be picking the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms and throwing the rest away.

24. Even better than breakfast cereal: lunch and dinner cereal.

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25. If you wait long enough to make dinner, everyone will eat cereal.

26. I have 0 problems with eating cereal all day, every day.

27. If you like soggy cereal, we can’t be friends.

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28. Cereal has my heart.

29. Will work for cereal.

Cereal Instagram Captions

30. Breakfast of champions.

31. Sadness is cereal with no milk.

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32. Cereal is my therapy.

33. Cereal obsessed.

34. Live, love, cereal.

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35. Cereal blessed.

36. Cereal guru.

37. Powered by cereal.

38. Fueled by cereal.

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39. You had me at cereal.

40. Just put my face on the cereal box.

41. World class cereal chef.

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42. Be the milk to my cereal.

43. Breakfast of absolute champions.

44. I want to be cereal.

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45. I wanna bowl.

Cereal Puns

44. I just stepped on a cornflake. Now I’m a real cereal killer.

43. You’re cereal-lously the best.

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45. I cereal-sly love you.

46. I’m a ma-cereal girl.

47. Cerealsly corny.

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48. Cereal about you!

49. You lucky charmed me.

50. Don’t be so cereal.

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51. Cerealsly unbowlievable.

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