45+ Unique Sushi Quotes and Sushi Instagram Captions

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Whether you’re looking for sayings about sushi to go along with your beautiful Insta snaps of your favorite type or you want some cute sushi quotes to write in a card or put on a poster, this is the ultimate list of quotes about sushi for you!

We’ve got everything from fun sushi quotes to short sushi Instagram captions to sushi Instagram puns.

This famous Japanese dish is usually made from layers of raw fish and fillings like seaweed, vegetables, and rice, but you can also get sushi without seafood (seriously – vegetarian sushi!).

Sushi makes for a great Instagram photo because of the wonderful way it rolls up and the various colors that make up your sushi, so get a little artistic and have fun with these Instagram captions about sushi.

Use the sushi Instagram captions to pair with your creative photos to make all of your followers drool, or simply use these sushi quotes to remind yourself why you love it.

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Cute Sushi Instagram Captions

1. Life without you is like sushi without rice.

2. Life is simple and fresh like sushi.

3. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy sushi, which is the same thing.

Sushi Instagram captions
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4. I like the way you roll.

5. You had me at sushi.

6. I’m not making art, I’m making sushi.

Sushi Instagram captions
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7. All I need is love and sushi.

8. Sushi is Japanese for yummy.

9. Keep calm and eat sushi.

10. Surround yourself with sushi, not negativity.

Sushi Instagram captions
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11. Everything is better with sushi.

12. Sushi rocks my world like no other food can.

13. If you can’t remember my name, just say sushi and I’ll turn around.

14. I love sushi soy much.

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15. Life is better with sushi.

16. I live for the moment you’re about to eat some sushi.

17. Sushi shall fuel my genius.

18. Today’s good mood is sponsored by sushi.

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19. Happiness is a sushi date.

Funny Sushi Instagram Captions

20. If you are reading this, bring me sushi.

21. What did Sushi A say to Sushi B? Wasabi!

22. I don’t care what the question is. Sushi is the answer.

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23. In Mexico, we have a word for sushi: bait.

24. Ways to make me happy: buy me sushi, make me sushi, be sushi.

25. She believed she could, sushi did.

26. Introvert, but willing to discuss sushi.

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27. Abs are great, but have you tried sushi.

28. My blood type is sushi.

29. I like sushi and maybe 3 other people.

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30. Sushi night fever.

31. I make sushi disappear. What’s your superpower?

32. About to eat my body weight in sushi.

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33. Sushi is my valentine.

Short Sushi Instagram Captions

34. Sushi vibes.

35. Living that sushi life.

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36. Sushi for sure.

37. Live, love, sushi.

38. Love sushi.

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39. Sushi life.

40. Sushi obsessed.

41. Sushi blessed.

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42. Sushi break.

43. Will work for sushi.

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44. Sushi and sunshine.

45. Sushi and waves.

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