49+ Amazing Mac and Cheese Quotes and Instagram Captions

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These are the best mac and cheese sayings, from funny mac and cheese quotes to mac and cheese puns and mac and cheese Instagram captions.

Mac and cheese, or macaroni and cheese, is one of the top comfort food dishes that many people would choose when they need something delicious, filling, and simple, and we love celebrating it with all of these great quotes!

You can keep it really easy with just some melted cheese and pasta, or some people go the extra mile with bread crumbs, bacon, or other add-ins that take the dish to the next level.

Use the captions for mac and cheese to go alongside your Instagram posts (top tip: mac and cheese usually photographs better when it’s in a bowl of contrasting color or has other colors on the garnishes and toppings, as otherwise it can look too beige).

You can also use these quotes about mac and cheese for other social media campaigns, to write in greeting cards for your favorite mac and cheese lovers, or to hang up in your kitchen to express your love for this cheesy pasta dish.

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Mac and Cheese Quotes

1. Me to my mac and cheese: I’m so glad I found you!

2. Mac and Cheese makes my world go round.

3. Keep calm and get your mac and cheese on.

4. That’s too much mac and cheese said no one ever.

5. All I want is mac and cheese.

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6. The secret ingredient is always mac and cheese.

7. Mac and cheese is always the right answer.

8. Mac and cheese is my therapy.

9. Did someone say mac and cheese?

10. Mac and cheese, if you please.

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11. Runs on mac and cheese.

12. My only wish is to be carried away on a riptide of mac and cheese.

13. I make mac and cheese go extinct.

14. I love macaroni and cheese so much, I could eat it every day.

15. You can’t make everyone happy. You’re not mac and cheese.

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16. If you don’t like mac and cheese, you need therapy.

17. Mac and cheese is the glue that holds my life together.

18. I believe in mac and cheese.

19. Nobody understands me like mac and cheese does.

20. According to this box of mac and cheese, I’m a family of four.

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21. Make mac and cheese, not war.

22. Mac and cheese is my everything.

23. Way to my heart: mac and cheese.

24. Macaroni and cheese is the comfort food for all ages.

25. Macaroni and cheese is all I need.

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26. Call me cute and feed me mac and cheese.

27. Macaroni and cheese is the only thing I’ll wake up for.

28. A day without mac and cheese is a day without smiles.

29. Either you love mac and cheese or you’re wrong.

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Mac and Cheese Puns

30. We go together like macaroni and cheese.

31. Cheesy puns mac me so happy!

32. I’ll mac’d you smile with my cheesy puns.

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33. Fleetwood mac and cheese.

34. It ain’t easy being mac and cheesy.

Mac and Cheese Instagram Captions

35. Macaroni and cheese queen.

36. Just a boy who loves mac and cheese.

37. Mac and cheese love

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38. Live, love, mac and cheese.

39. Mac and cheese obsessed.

40. Mac and cheese addict.

41. Mac and cheese blessed.

42. Mac and cheese guru.

43. Mac and cheese sets me free.

44. Mac + cheese = me.

45. Mac and cheese is my spirit animal.

46. I just really like mac and cheese, okay?

47. Anyone else in the mood for mac and cheese?

48. Mac and cheese is life.

49. Just a girl who loves mac and cheese.

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